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Frequently Asked Questions

View our List of Frequently Asked Question below. If you have any further queries, please don't hestiate to Contact Us

Do I need a credit card facility to use StaySYS?

No. You do not have to have a credit card facility. If you choose to use the staySYS facility you may do so at no extra charge. Only a 3% transaction fee is applicable for Visa and Mastercard transactions. Diners Card transactions will be processed at a 5% transaction fee.

What makes staySYS different to the other accommodation systems?

StaySYS has been built by a team that already implements successful technology solutions in the accommodation industry. As a result we have created a world class accommodation system that is designed for your business by people in your business. There are no hidden costs or contracts and we deliver on our promises.

I have a credit card facility; do I need to use yours?

No you do not. You are not obligated to use our credit card facility. If you have an existing credit card facility, our system can capture credit card information securely and pass it on to you for processing through your merchant account.

Is my information secure?

Yes, as long as you do not hand out your confidential information only you have access to your system. We have gone to every effort to make sure that our system is secure.

What costs are involved?

We charge you a monthly fee based on the number of rooms you have. Please see our pricing guides for more information. If you choose to use our credit card facility, there is a 3% transaction fee. Per transaction.

Am I bound into a contract?

No, you can stop using StaySYS whenever you feel you no longer require the use of the system.

Do I have to be listed on and / or to use StaySYS?

No. Anybody can use StaySYS to manage both their online, email or telephonic bookings.

What is the specials engine?

Our specials engine is an easy to use comprehensive specials application that allows you to either choose a predefined specials template or use our specials wizard to easily setup your customised specials. Use our last minute special facility and automatically update you last minute specials on your website or participating portals.

What operating systems does StaySYS operate on?

The application has been designed and tested on all current Microsoft operating systems. The application does not currently run on a Mac.