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Features Overview

StaySYS has been built by a team that already implements successful technology solutions in the
accommodation industry. As a result we have created a world class accommodation system that is designed for your business by people in your business.

Top 10 Reasons to use StaySYS

  • Easy to Use with advanced and basic user views
  • Secure
  • Easy, Accurate Specials setup
  • Best Deal Calculator
  • Cost Effective
  • Additional Online Marketing Channels through agents
  • No credit card facility needed
  • Accurate online and offline availability calendar
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Instant online booking notification via SMS and email

Accommodation Management Tools

Find below a list of the tools that have been included in the StaySYS package.

Credit Card
Payment System

Don't have a credit card facility? Use ours at only 3%commission per transaction. (No Hidden Costs.)

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Quick access and viewing of your establishment availability. Blocking off functionality available.

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View a list of your bookings during a specified period. Export capabilities and easy search facility integration.

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Access and view a list of all your guests that have stayed at your establishment. Easy export facility included.

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Record your guests comments and include them on your website with easy to use predefined tools.

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Rate System

Capture Standard Rates plus special discount rates including Long Stay, Stay for X, Pay for Y, N Day Rates and more.

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Manage and update your establishment policies (cancellation, deposit, etc) via an easy maintenance screen.

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Manage different children rates for age groups that you can define via the age group screen.

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Define in one easy step how much should be requested when someone attempts to make a booking online.

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Watch List

See what other establishments have to say about "bad" visitors and people to keep an eye out for.

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Server Management

The StaySYS server and your local database are kept up to date via a quick synchronisation process.

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